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Every business has unique possibilities and opportunities. Every business. But when a company is mired in confusion with all the disagreement, indecisiveness and uncertainty that follow seizing those opportunities is all but impossible. Caught in the crossfire, marketers create confusing messages. Consumers flee, sales plummet, chaos reigns.


Replacing confusion with clarity, Purple Circle gets agreement guaranteed even where there’s been disagreement for years so that you can build a brand that is known, desired and beloved … by you and your customers.


With renewed brand purpose, a clear strategy and innovative brand behavior, Purple Circle’s clients add value to their businesses, their communities and their bottom lines.

Brand Consulting

The why. The foundation for all that follows. Purple Circle helps unify your company's beliefs, purpose, drive, plans and values.

Strategic Planning

The how. Your strategic action plan for success ready to implement.

Mentoring for Effective Brand Management

The what. All the support you need to deliver and grow.